IPTP Networks is an international system integrator with more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology industry and an extensive knowledge in hardware, software and computer technologies. We serve as a 1-Stop-IT-Shop for all your IT-related issues, which allows you to benefit from having a single contact that helps you cover your entire IT infrastructure. We design, deliver, implement and integrate all the aspects of your projects, provide consulting on all solutions and handle all the sub-contractors which allows you to receive an integral, finalized product, from one company.

Managed Services

A dynamic portfolio of complex IT infrastructure capabilities, with proven ability to provide diversified management. Reduce costs, increase productivity with useful resources, extend your business capabilities and enhance your select business strategy. You can choose the components of your IT infrastructure that you would like us to manage and thus maintain flexibility and control over your business.

Unified Communications

Reduce the total cost of ownership, increase the efficiency of communication systems and add numerous innovative features and applications. With the Cisco Unified Communications solution, we maintain and support ONE converged Network for Data, Voice & Video. Cisco's end-to-end solution offers embedded integration capabilities and collaboration between the data network infrastructure (switches, routers, security devices) and Unified Communications components (IPPhones and Applications).


Your corporate activities are supported by a business process management software designed and developed exclusively in—house by IPTP Networks and provided via the SaaS platform. The subscription-based nature allows for modules to be completely interchangeable and to be adjusted according to individual business needs, allowing to ease access, minimize miss-communication and streamline the way you access your corporate data.

Hosting/Colocation Services

Services provide you with secure hosting of Web and other application servers, and related Internet connectivity. We offer a scalable solution where the customer has a number of options ranging from basic colocation, whereby the equipment is owned by the customer, to traditional Web hosting – whereby the provider owns and manages servers and all related equipment.

Distributed Mitigation Managed Service against DDoS

We developed a unique way of protecting your business and customer base, designed specifically to provide unparalleled protection against DDoS and ensure continuous operation of your network. A high performance, redundant network infrastructure owned by IPTP allows the handling of immense amounts of traffic and quick mitigation of attacks. With this service we provide the connectivity, the servers and the maintenance. Depending of the service type being protected, transparent protection from DDoS can be applied.

Connectivity services

We provide global network connectivity through high-level, non-packaged services, adapted to fit individual business models, allowing you to choose a specific service in accordance with your needs or combine it with other Managed Connectivity Services. They can be deployed either on an infrastructure owned by us, or in combination with third-party infrastructure, ensuring ultimate connectivity.

Our 1-Stop-IT-Shop is designed specifically for companies that prefer not to have an in-house IT department. Our product allows to outsource all the information technology needs to one contractor instead of turning to different companies for each individual aspect. This allows to save the time, costs and effort and have a number of other benefits:

Receive a full array of IT services on only one invoice, with one point of contact.
Receive a finalised product, fortified with management, monitoring, maintenance and 24/7 support.
Streamline your business, keep costs down and stay ahead of the competition.
Reliability: SLAs with up to 99.999% availability for N+1 redundant solutions.
Product range includes a wide selection of industry-standard technologies from many leading manufacturers.
You can focus on running your business while we run the information technology from beginning to end, saving your time and money.
Being a single point of contact for the product, we bear a 100% final responsibility for our projects.