Employee Motivation System

A rewarding system for employees performance allows for them to rate each other's work performance and can be used to give out bonuses. Bonus Fund is formed from a combination of the salaries of all employees that worked for a certain amount of time on certain conditions.

The standard scheme is as follows: a percentage is added to the salary as a guaranteed bonus received per year. Bonuses are given out every quarter (four per year in total) and the amount is automatically increased by a percentage annually (applicable only for employees that have worked for minimum period of a year). When the salary is raised, the bonus percentage increase starts from the beginning. Any additional revenue depends on the rating and if rating comes out negative, the bonus can be decreased or cancelled completely.

Employees' attendance also influences both the amount of additional bonus received and the decline of a bonus amount. Therefore the Bonus Fund is formed from the standard percentage and the additional percentage (the amount depends on a graphic). Normally the bonuses are given out by the employees who communicate with clients directly, since they know what clients require and can judge the level on which the task was completed.

Graphic displays a balance between employee's contribution and company's financial result and how one correlates with the other – the more profit the contribution brings the bigger bonus is received. The system has proven that by tracking the progress of individual employees the company can enhance its overall financial result.

Each employee's rating is on public display which allows all system users to keep up to date with the progress of that particular employee, the tasks that he/she was assigned to and with the company's progress. This keeps employees motivated as IPTP ERP & CRM system shows not only the result of their individual work and rewards them for it but also displays outcome of their cooperation with colleagues allowing to significantly boost the company's performance.

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