• The main page, where the work schedule of company employees is displayed in the centre and additional information on the current user is displayed on the right side with the number of hours worked per week. On the bottom right there is information on employees which are not available at this point and stating the reason why.

  • Company overall statistics are displayed in the four graphs above. The first graph shows the company's future liabilities under the present contracts. The second graph is of received and issued invoices. The third graph for of received payments for the last 3 months as well as for current payments. The forth graph displays (positive/negative) quarterly rating of employees individual activities and their impact on company's financial progress.

  • An example of generating an invoice in PDF format.

  • This report displays information about overdue invoices, reveals information for incoming and outgoing invoices, with the possibility to search by company or by business partner. The report also displays total debt, amount of the payment and amount of the invoice in different currencies for each of the business partner as well as total debt for all business partners.

  • Module for sending notifications to clients.The system allows to send invoices, notifications of overdue invoices, receipts and technical notifications. The screen displays the module for mailing of invoices, it allows you to sent invoices and choose them manually; if necessary, the account can be excluded from sending. Аccounts which will be sent to business partners must be selected. If necessary, the list can be edited.

  • The custom-designed modules of IPTP ERP & CRM are easily adaptable and can be tailored to fit your individual business needs, allowing you to:

  • Automate your corporate structure and improve business productivity.
  • Enhance the day-to-day operation of your enterprise while stimulating development of its long-tem business strategy.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by minimising errors and improving time to response.
  • Optimize the operation of logistics, accounting, sales and other company departments.
  • Receive a complete suite of support and advisory without the need to maintain a full time IT department.

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