Work Scheduling

Monitoring the work-schedule and availability of each employee can be done directly from the main interface allowing managers to plan and designate tasks easily and swiftly. The main page shows the work schedule of company employees and additional information on the current user that is displayed together with the number of hours worked per week. The information on employees that are not available is also displayed and a new document for Sick leave, Unemployment and etc. can be created in the Personal section.

Telephony system includes each employee's personal extension number which can be used in the registry on the IVR. The Registry allows to distribute duties between employees where each employee can take on a duty at the time of his/her shift. When duty is taken by the employee, he/she becomes responsible for replying to customer requests for a department that he works for (sales, technical support, accounting, logistics etc.) until his shift ends and/or the duty is taken by the next employee. This system helps to distribute duties, which in turn ensures that all the customers receive support - 24/7.

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