• We are a 1-Stop-IT-Shop for all your IT-related issues, which allows you to benefit from having a single contact that helps you cover your entire IT infrastructure. We design, deliver, implement and integrate all the aspects of your projects, provide consulting on all solutions and handle all the sub-contractors. read more

  • IPTP Networks – a truly global, ultra-high bandwidth network infrastructure provider. Our facilities are situated in all of major destinations of choice for the world's largest and most powerful companies, internet providers and corporate networks. read more

  • Matrix 4 data center

    The newly-constructed Matrix 4 data center employs world-class technological infrastructure solutions to ensure maximum reliability... read more

  • DDoS Mitigation Managed Service

    By relying on our managed DDoS mitigation service, any organization can get a complete security solution to the problem in a cost-effective way.... read more

  • The IPTP ERP & CRM is a complex ecosystem consisting of both software and hardware that fully automates the main business processes... read more

  • Combined with some of our other services, such as integration, implementation, system design, we are able to provide your company with more focus on running the business... read more

  • Managed Security Services

    Our Managed Security Services are aimed at assessing vulnerabilities, protecting your infrastructure, detecting attacks and ... read more

  • SATIP Dedicated provides managed, High Speed IP network access without a terrestrial connection. SATIP Dedicated offers, most probably, the ideal solution for Businesses and individuals who want to become completely independent from their local telco company.

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  • Our solution deliver the IPTP services to the vessel. IPTP Networks provides Entertainment, Communication and Information via a single, dual head, high availability Satellite Dedicated Link.

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  • Our solution delivers the IPTP services to your residence.IPTP Networks provides Entertainment, Intelligent integrated automation solutions.

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Welcome to IPTP Networks!

IPTP Networks provides a unique set of services that range from IT consultancy to complex one-stop infrastructure solutions. Our specialized high level engineering team assures that design and maintenance of your network meets your exact requirements. All solutions offered by IPTP are tailored and adapted to fit perfectly and complement each clients business model.

Learn more IPTP Networks provide a unique set of services, starting from simple IT consultancy and ending in Managed services of complex deployments. The Portofolio of Managed services consists of Managed Connectivity Services, Managed Unified Communications Services, Managed Security Services, Managed Mobile Communication Services, and Managed Data Center Services.


Colocation at various Datacenters in Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA. These Colocation packages provide an opportunity for you to set up your own equipment in a specially-equipped data center and connect it to high-speed Internet.

Dedicated Hosting

Our Dedicated Hosting packages provide you with the opportunity to obtain and control a server or network equipment that is connected to a high-speed Internet port, installed in a specially equipped data center, without the purchase and installation of your own equipment.

IPTP Tools

Access IPTP Network's online connection utilities and tools. Test your bandwidth and connection speed, use the Looking Glass Utility to trace route, access the BGP summary or ping an IP. Access the online IP calculator to calculate Cisco wild-card mask and range.