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Managed Services

IPTP Managed Services offers a dynamic portfolio of complex IT infrastructure capabilities, with proven ability to provide diversified management. They can help you reduce costs, increase productivity with useful resources, extend your business capabilities and enhance your select business strategy. Our certified staff is dedicated to helping you enhance the business value of your IT investment through improved operational efficiency and service levels.

Our services are conveniently adjusted to your needs, allowing you to choose the components of your IT infrastructure that you would like us to manage and thus maintain flexibility and control over your business.

''All our facilities are designed to ensure maximum convenience for our clients. IPTP Networks provides a foundation
of the highest standards for constructing sophisticated, custom-made managed solutions designed to fit each client's individual business model. Combined with other services, such as System Design, Implementation and Integration, we have the expertise necessary to allow you to remain focused on running your business while we run the information technology.''
Vladimir Kangin, CEO & Co-Founder of IPTP Networks.