All the lighting in your Villa is controlled by Intelligent Home "Pluto" and can be accessed from any available device that is connected to Pluto. In accordance to your preferences, the lighting can be either pre-regulated or controlled with an "on/off" switch. Every switch in the house can control any lamp or group of lamps with any required logic; i.e. the switch itself sends a signal to Pluto, which, in turn, carries out the tasks that you require. In this way, switching certain lights on/off can be combined with the actions of other appliances.

Electrically-driven Appliances
All the electrically-driven appliances and other power generators are also controlled by Pluto from any connected appliance. Amidst these could be automated opening of gates, pump motors, electrical doorlocks, electrically-controlled taps, heating elements, central heating/air conditioning, pool/sprinkler control systems, etc.

The whole territory of your Villa is covered with a wireless network. WiFi is used to provide a telephone connection, and to allow a connection between the wireless panels that control the Villa. It can also provide an internet connection for other WiFi appliances.