Communications Line
A communication network can be set up in the Villa to connect the Secure Communications Channel to the office or another Villa, providing a safe connection with a remote system through the Internet. This can give the owner transparent access to another network, which would make it seem as thought they are at a different location, which is useful for creating, for example, identical network surroundings with the office.

The phone subsystem of the Intelligent Home "Pluto" can be organised as an independent system, or be an enlargement of the office system, even if the office is located abroad. If necessary, the phone subsystem can be organised in a way that certain phone numbers from another country can be connected to the Villa's telephone system. It is also possible to provide free-of-charge phone connection with another location which has the same equipment, e.g. with an office or another Villa. Stationary phones are used with a coloured sensor panel, through which it is possible to control any element of Intelligent Home "Pluto". Wireless WiFi phones can also be connected.