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You can download our Corporate Magazine to discover detailed information on company's global presence, our security, connectivity, in-house software development solutions and other useful information about IPTP as a global Tier 2 Internet Service Provider (AS41095), Systems Integrator and Software Development company.

IPTP Networks is proud to successfully cater to the needs of corporate clients around the world. The company aims to deliver unique solutions that set us aside from the competition. Our network is characterized by high levels of security and availability. With the wide range of services available at IPTP we are able to provide a fully fledged ecosystem of wholly compatible elements tailored to a specific business model. Our services help companies streamline their business, keep costs down, and stay ahead of the competition. Our technicians and engineers are experienced with the latest and greatest in networking and communications technologies. We aim to further developing these competences by continually engaging in strategic partnerships and collaboration with leading companies in the ICT sector. Thus the company is certified to the highest degree in designing and integrating fully developed, ultra-compatible, corporate-grade communication systems.


''Because of the global reach, provided by IPTP Networks, we were able to cement an infrastructure that is reliable and resistant to cyber attacks. Colocation with IPTP Networks allowed us to expand our backbone to fit our needs without substantial expenditure. Now as our company MONETA continues to grow, our IT infrastructure can expand simultaneously to support it in a quick and cost effective manner.''

Denis Pashutkin, Technical Director & Member of the Board, MONETA, money transfer operator and billing platform.

''IPTP Networks provided us with great connectivity, and a highly reliable infrastructure. They met our demands, adjusted their service to our needs and created an open-minded environment helping us choose exactly the connectivity that we needed.''

Kirill Marchenko, Account Director, ColoBridge GmbH, European hosting provider.

''Deployment of Cisco phone system implemented by the company IPTP Networks, has enabled us to significantly reduce the costs of telephone conversations. Very convenient and with no additional cost; dialing just four digits of an extension number connects you to the subscriber in the Moscow office.''

Anna Romanenko, Executive Director, MDM Investments Limited, Cyprus member of the MDM Group.

''IPTP Networks is the first company stating that it 'simply provides a private Internet and indeed it has provided.''

Alexey Bozrikov, The head of IT, SCF Unicom, an independent ship management company.

''IPTP Networks provided us with reliable, robust, secure, and easily accessible network infrastructure to support our global inter-cloud platform."''

Peter So, Vice President, Power-All Networks Ltd, integrated hardware/software networking solutions provider.

''Services provided by IPTP Networks allowed our company to provide fast and quality access to our services to customers from China and Southeast Asia''


''IPTP has been a reliable infrastructure partner for our global video CDN. Because we provide low-latency live streaming services to major brands, we often need to scale up to manage the influx of new viewers – and we can always count on IPTP for additional capacity.''

Vlad Ruban, Tech Client Services Manager, Advection.NET