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IPTP Cloud Based DDoS Mitigation
Managed Service

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is one of the most critical threats for any organization that conducts business online.

Many botnets allow competitors to target an attack at almost no cost. However, the initial price of equipment and the conversance required to confront the attack are much higher. The simplicity of running such an attack considering the complexity of protection make it highly challenging to maintain an in-house security solution for companies themselves.

Our services are conveniently adjusted to your needs, allowing you to choose the components of your IT infrastructure that you would like us to manage and thus maintain flexibility and control over your business.

Attacks are evolving every moment and our team is constantly busy improving our service by adding new resources, expanding the network and accumulating our expertise on the subject, making sure that we can defend your organization from newly evolving types of attacks.

As DDoS is a distributed type of attack, we find that having a distributed protection system is the most efficient way to eliminate a potential threat. IPTP Networks provides a high performance infrastructure which is capable of handling huge amounts of traffic and filtering out the attack, leaving the customer with strictly legitimate traffic.

By using BGP anycast methodology, make it impossible to target any specific device in our protected cloud. All traffic goes to the closest available equipment in the network and there is a complete redundancy in the setup. Our advanced firewalls can handle gigabits of traffic and filter out any types of floods including but not limited to ICMP, UDP or SYN. Highly customized proxies can handle any type of protocols starting from standard HTTP to any TCP and even proprietary UDP-based encrypted protocols used in financial sectors, making sure that each request gets serviced. Fully redundant network topology allows us to carry out transparent maintenance both on the network and at the customer side with no impact to your services.