Experts of the company successfully deployed an IP Internet Protocol-based telephony solution onto the motor vessel.

The IP Telephony solution comprises five major components:

  1. Cisco 3745 access routers for telephony call control.
  2. Voicemail and automated attendant (optional).
  3. Cisco Catalyst switches with in­line ower for the Cisco IP Phones and Cisco Aironet AP. The switches provide advanced QoS services that ensure high­quality voice on the network. 
  4. Cisco IP Phones that serve as endpoints. All Cisco IP Phones contain a built­in data switch that allows users to connect computers to the network, thus reducing the number of ports required on the Catalyst switches.
  5. Cisco Aironet 1200 Access points provide QoS for Cisco 7920 WiFi IP phones.

All the systems deployed have been configured for remote administration and management. Management tasks can be performed from any computer on the network with Telnet or HTTP browser access.

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