Smart Home

Our solution deliver the IPTP to your residence. IPTP Networks provides Entertainment, Intelligent integrated automation solutions. Communication and Information via a single, dual head, high availability Satellite Dedicated Link could be provided is needed.


Watch and record your favorite program any time, even if you missed it on air. Choose a DVD or MP3, on demand, from thousands of titles in the Plutohome library.

Intelligent integrated automation

Enjoy at your residence with Plutohome and let system to take care of you. Smart solution will control the temperature, humidity, lights according weather and following your learned preferences. From any place of the world you could manage and monitor any elements of the system including Access Control, Video surveillance, electrical appliances and any electronic gadgets.


Stay in touch with your office and friends via the Internet telephone, at no extra cost. Use dozens of telephone lines via VSAT terminal simultaneously. Call for FREE from and to registered mobiles within your residence.


Fast Bi-Directional Internet Connection enables permanent availability of any of the Internet services, at no extra cost. No wires are needed either - wireless connections are available all over your residence at a high speed.

  • SmartHome

  • SmartHome