Customer Order Forms

Creation of forms for customer services is a very convenient feature that helps organise all required information about customer orders and allows for flexible parameter configuration. The formation of service packages allows to create a custom-made package for any type of service and can be constructed based on any specifications. Package formation is designed in a way that allows for it to be customized, resulting in packages that would suit the individual requirements of every client. A set of integrated rules makes sure that all the information filled in is valid at all times. The completed form can be printed out or sent to a client, and a signed version can be attached as a file and stored in the system.

Service Item

Service Items are the elements that when combined form COFs and products. Products that can be sold (also known as service packages) therefore consist of Service Items. Service items can be ordered separately, or together as a whole package, depending on the types of items, their interdependence, and the location where the service is being provided. Characteristics of every service item can be selected individually. Methods of validation of these characteristics, depending on their application, allow to control them and notify user in cases when they were set incorrectly.

Service Compatibility Matrix

This feature is designed to show the coherency of services and to establish their dependence on one another. This is particularly useful when it comes to combining services that can only be sold together. Parameters in the Service Compatibility Matrix can vary, and combining individual services that are co-dependent allows to form finalized, more complex packages which are ready to be sold.

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