Matrix 4 Data Center
Amsterdam Science Park
A fortress for your most sensitive data.

Matrix 4 Data Center is IPTP Networks' newly-constructed world-class data center, built using industry-leading solutions and technologies - APC InfraStruxure by Schneider Electric. Our scalable data center/IT room architecture allows our clients to deploy solutions with the highest levels of connectivity, security, adaptability and reliability all whilst being tailored and adapted to compliment the individual business model of each client.

Situated in Amsterdam Science Park a leading cluster in four BSIK ICT proposals and internationally recognized for its major e-science, GRID (a revolutionary new internet development) and multimedia expertise. Science Park Amsterdam is also a national network center: it hosts the AMS-IX - the world's largest internet exchange and is the prime point of presence for state-of-the-art, ultra-high bandwidth network connection. This location is the primary destination for the world's largest and most powerful companies, internet providers and corporate networks.

As per all our facilities Matrix 4 is professionally defended with electronic access systems. Sites and points of presence where the facilities are located are guarded 24/7 by a skilled and dedicated security force.

With IPTP your corporate interests are in safe hands

Being an official Cisco Partner IPTP Networks implements exclusively their state-of-the-art equipment in its data centers. With our in-house, Cisco-certified engineering team we are able to guarantee at the highest level the continued, uncompromising performance of your network resources.

Allow you energy needs space to grow

Matrix 4 is based on the APC InfraStruxure – a market leading solution for data centre infrastructure with unrivalled scalability, quality and reliability as well as a significantly higher than average power supply allocation per rack.

Why deploy with IPTP's Matrix 4?

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Based on the industry-leading APC Infrastruxure architecture whereby all components are pre-tested as part of a unified ultra-functional system. The system is highly scalable and adaptable, offering the best-in-business data center infrastructure solution in terms of ease of management and reliability, all while providing unparalleled cooling and power capacity with a smaller footprint. A system that truly allows us to dial in precisely the preferences of our clients.

Truly Green:

use of free-cooling allows us to minimize the power-consumption and carbon-footprint of the installation. The project is designed for use with revolutionary green energy schemes
from Unica, whereby the generated by the hardware in the data-center can be used to provide cold-weather heating to the buildings in the University of Amsterdam as well as Amsterdam Science Park.

High Density Racks:

with up to 70+ kilowatt per rack you can be sure that your equipment will not breach the power envelope and have plenty of energy headroom left to grow.

Fully Customized Experience:

technology specifically tailored to fit your needs. A dedicated team of highly qualified engineers and salesmen will help you identify exactly where and how our technology will fit and enhance your business-model. We like to think of it as "Haute Couture" of the networking world.


How secure does your business need to be?

Loss of important information or abuse/failure of corporate networks due to misplacement, malicious attacks and hardware malfunction amount of billions of dollars in losses and foregone profit experienced by companies world-wide. Damage caused by these failures can be long-lasting, potentially causing significant harm to consumer confidence and reputation of the company.

Independent, professionally defended network solutions allow companies to store, access, and control their data and platforms remotely, keeping what you value most, safely.

IPTP Network's secure networking solutions guard and protect your sensitive network assets and corporate data, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on what your company does best.

Cutting-Edge portfolio of security solutions

The Self-Defending Network:

Partnered with Cisco, IPTP delivers a long-term strategy to protect an organization's business processes by identifying, preventing, and adapting to threats from both internal and external sources. This protection method helps organizations to take better advantage of the intelligence in their network resources, improving business processes and cutting costs.

Characteristics of Self-Defending Network Security Solutions:

  • The integration of security throughout all aspects of the network
  • Collaborative processes between the various security band network elements
  • The ability of the network to adapt to new threats as they arise.

This network-based strategy allows your organization to use existing investments to solve your most pressing security concerns today, while providing an architectural platform and security solutions that can evolve to deliver proactive, automated, real-time management of threats.

Site Defence: at IPTP your security is our primary concern.

All our facilities are professionally defended with electronic access systems. Sites and points of presence where our facilities are located are guarded 24/7 by a skilled and dedicated security force. With IPTP your corporate interests are in safe hands.

Access Control: take charge of your key information.

Together with our partner RSA we offer our clients security solutions for controlling access to your information resources. SecurID features a 2-stage authorization process for cutting-edge security. The system uses a self-generating security token in addition to conventional user password making sure your key intelligence and other sensitive information is at all times-secure.

Managed Connectivity Services Provides global network connectivity so you can communicate with your organizations and your customers over a secure, reliable infrastructure. Managed Unified Communications Services Comprehensive suite of IP communications managed service solutions and mobility products that are provided to us by Cisco partners as a finished service. Managed Security Services Protecting your infrastructure, detecting attacks and responding to suspicious activities and present a key foundation for the Cisco Self-Defending Networks. Managed Mobile Communication ServicesManaged MC Services combine the flexibility you want from a wireless network with the security and management you require from a wired network. Managed Data Center Services Increase productivity by creating a better way to deliver data center resources, deploy more robust business continuity and enhance the security of your data.