Datacenter Logistics

Being in IT and Telco industry for nearly 25 years with global coverage and 10 offices worldwide, we built our logistics services to assure you fast, reliable and affordable services. Either you are in Malaysia, South Africa or USA, our Logistics team can arrange from selecting supply source, purchasing with best quality & price, delivering to setting up at Data Centers. On top of that, passing through multiple countries, we put high effort in understanding laws, tax, regulations varied in countries to ensure low-cost best quality. Not only point-point delivery, we also focus on customer services with 24/7 availability for any issues.

Our Supply Chain services include:


We could purchase any equipment you are looking for your business solutions at any part of the world. And we provide our clients with the best prices and quality thanks to long term partnership with major equipment manufacturers and providers such as Cisco, Supermicro, APC, etc.


If you need to deliver your equipment to almost any desired location in the world, without any delays and in safe way, don’t hesitate to contact us on the matter. We are in the cooperation with the best world courier providers and ship you products fast, safe and under constant tracking control. But in our case shipping is not just a delivery, it I also customs brokerage and licensing. IPTP Logistic team knows all the customs legislation in different countries and we help our clients to pass these formalities with no extra financial expenses. Also we could help you to get required licenses, permissions and other documents necessary for import and export terms.

To check out these terms and make an shipping order just use our online Shipping form.

Warehouse storage

If you need to storage your equipment, old one or new, waiting for the next deliveries, at any stage of your project set up, don’t hesitate to contact us and order warehouse space. You could choose any of our 5 prompt equipped warehouses in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh and Lima. Can easily use our specially equipped warehouses. And to plan routes and costs in advance, use our Warehouse storage form to calculate storage expenses, depending on the size of the equipment.


What if you decide to expand new market, but don’t have an opportunity to open a branch there? What if you need to ship some equipment to another country, but don’t have an opportunity to act as an importer or exporter? In that case our new services importer of records and exporter of records will help you! You could use one of our eight entities in North and South America, Europe and Asia countries. And we could provide you with all the complex service of door to door delivery, including export and import customs formalities, financial and cargo documentation, licensing and shipping. Don’t hesitate to contact us on the matter and to save your CAPEX while going to new markets!


1. Dedicated Hosting set-up in Singapore During Global Covid-19 Attack

Gather spare parts: server, router, switches, CPU, RAM, SSD, HDD from America, EU and China in Hong Kong

– Assemble in Hongkong office due to safe environment and skillful technical team.

– Deliver and setup Server in Singapore under strict commute permission: one company only had 3 outgoing permits a month; Data Center cannot store goods; hence, contact with logistics company was seriously tight up to hour.

Case delivered successfully. Sales team report to client per any change/occasion happened, gaining highest trust and satisfaction.

2. PoP set up in Sydney, Australia

– Find sources, evaluate quality&price and gather spare parts: Internet cables / fiber patch cords/ power cords / Switches, PDU, Switch, Router, Server, RAM, CPU from U.S, Hong Kong, Australia

– Assemble, Smart Hands conducted, supervised at Global Switch Datacenter, Sydney by our IPTP technical team

Complex and bulky case completed under IPTP’s multiple internal great co-operation

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