Interactive Entertainment

Music on demand

Music on demand enables the user to listen to audio materials from offered library at the convenient time. The interactivity of service Music on search consists that while receiving service from the removed source you have an opportunity to operate the dataflow, applying such functions:

Rewind forward – back
The accelerated rewind forward – back
A pause
It is also worth mentioning that during listening to music all other functions of the system remain accessible to you. The service Music on demand makes you completely free from any time-tables, allowing you to be in control of what you listen to.

In interiors, wardroom, zone of the general using and on decks it is possible to establish audiosystems the can be managed from the central board or from mobile boards.


On the basis of Television interactive entertaining system the introduction Game portal allows users of the system to play both personal and network games in real time without delays.

The introduction Game portal requires installation of the game server and introduction of the additional module in the intermediate software.

Text Messages

On the basis of Television interactive entertaining system the introduction of service of the Text Messages between all users of the system becomes realizable. The exchange of the text messages is possible both between the users directly and in a mode “from one – to all”. The flexibility of the system allows for the recognition of ranks, that helps to avoid unauthorised dialogue between the crew members – both owners and visitors of a yacht. At the same time all authorised users, Administration of a yacht will have the opportunity to dispatch Text Messages in all cabins in case of an urgent message. In this scenario the inactive television screens become active, and the viewing of the current telechannel or Video on demand is interrupted by the Text Message.