Empowering Intrapreneurs: Unleashing Potential & Innovation within IPTP

Empowering Intrapreneurs: Unleashing Potential & Innovation within IPTP

Looking to launch a business but unsure where to begin? IPTP has you covered every step of the way!

After years of challenge to explain to our partners who we are accidently foundout that IPTP Networks is an Intrapreneurship.

Intrapreneur /Intrapreneurship is used to refer to a business that allows its employees to start a business at their own place of work, with the goal of developing, creating architecture or improving products/services to the market. Based on the foundation and resources available in the business, Intraprenuer can avoid the risks such as finance.
Some Intrapreneur in a business model have agreed to share profits equally between the management unit and project participants, contributing to satisfying Intraprenuer’s entrepreneurial spirit and breakthrough in business.

While Entrepreneurs are individuals who accept risks to build their own businesses with the purpose of making profits from business activities. They have vision and grasp new opportunities, products, techniques and businesses and can coordinate all business activities to bring these ideas into practice.

Intrapreneur’s entrepreneurial spirit will continue to be “nurture” even when they face failure for the first time. You know, startup projects are rarely successful on the first try.

IPTP Networks with extensive network resources all over the world.

As a company specializing network and Internet solutions with network infrastructure together with diversify cables connected more than 37 available countries, it will be a place where you can confidently start a business, create and bring results, superior, breakthrough solutions to domestic and international markets.

We are very interested and welcome all Win+Win Partnership ideas in Vietnam and other countries, aiming of working together to develop and fully exploit global network resources while improving the quality of network services for customers served by our Intrapreneurship.

If you are a Service Provider, IT Consultant, Collaborator or a New Player thinking how to start a business in the technology field.
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