Cross Messenger

Cross Messenger is a new innovative standalone component of IPTP ERP&CRM system that provides an effective communication among all of your business partners and makes your CRM experience truly mobile. Moreover, Cross Messenger is a free of charge application that everyone can use in a mean of open communication app with friends, families and business of course. Users of IPTP ERP&CRM system will enjoy additional benefits of Cross Messenger which can be fully integrated with it.

Our logo is an integration of white pigeon which is a symbol for postal pigeon and of “X” – a symbol which is standing for Cross-platform. With this messenger we’re presenting the best way for Xchange of information aXross the Globe – being local everywhere and keep you data safe and available at any time and on any device. You can use Cross Messenger on any of your devices to build amazing and useful connections with anyone around the Globe in a very secure manner.

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