Smart Home

SmartSpaces Automation Solution integrates various appliances in your home, office or vessel into a seamless digital environment via a unified control system.

For Office

SmartSpaces is a flexible integration solution that turns the office space into an automated, multifunctional ecosystem with an unified control panel that does not require a single switch. The solution makes use of centralized technology for control over lighting, air-conditioners and electrical appliances; it also integrates with other systems, such as security, video surveillance and telephony, enhancing the office space with sustainable performance, operational efficiency and improved convenience.


How does it work?

The entire office space is covered by multiple light, movement and temperature sensors as well as Wi-Fi. Depending on the time of day, weather conditions and settings preset by employees, lighting is adjusted automatically via dimmers and electric shutters that move either up or down according to time of day and amount of sunlight. The system also constantly updates information on external factors in order to maintain temperature in the office at an optimal level so employees never feel too hot or too cold.

Access control is enhanced by two-step verification: fingerprint recognition that is programmed to be used by every employee and the code to be entered on a panel. Fingerprint authentication is also required to be able to leave the office; if unauthorised entry occurs, the trespasser will not be able to exit.

The system is also programmed to set and disarm alarms and control other parts of the system from anywhere in the world, so even during holidays a designated employee can adjust the system settings remotely. Bulletproof materials can be used for windows, doors and walls of the building, keeping all the assets under lock and key. When the office has visitors, and the doorbell rings, the alert can be adjusted to be sent to any or all the devices in the office, be that a TV, a stationary phone or a tablet. An employee responsible for the system can use any of the aforementioned devices to open doors and monitor visitors via multiple cameras installed inside and outside of the office.

For Home

The Smart Spaces solution allows for sustainable control over the premises, automating the processes of all electrical appliances, utilising them in the most efficient way.

How does it work?

When the occupant approaches his premises, smart home already detects his arrival and opens the gate or door automatically. A phone or a tablet can also be used to control doors or gates.

A weather station is set up on the roof in order to measure humidity, temperature, wind speed, cloud density and other external factors and set to recognise, memorise and apply patterns accordingly. All in-house systems including irrigation and lighting of surrounding areas are adjusted to work according to these patterns. For example, if the system considers clouds to be too dense and the humidity level too high, the irrigation system would not switch on that day. If on the contrary it is too sunny of a day, the water tank will not be heated by the system, as the solar panels will heat it instead throughout the day. So that water is preheated in advance, the owner may also adjust the settings as to be able to shower as soon as he wakes up. 

The solution also covers security of the house: all windows and doors have sensors detecting movement and breakage. The ‘Laser curtain’ feature is also applied for security purposes; if anyone is detected entering or exiting a doorway in the absence of the occupant, an alarm will go off and all doors will be locked. If unauthorised entry occurs, the system will take pictures of the intruder and call the owner and the police.