Smart Vessel

The SmartSpaces solution can be delivered to vessels, providing automated entertainment, communication and information collection via a single system, no matter how far from shore you are.

How does it work?

The yacht is equipped with two redundant data connectivity links for voice use, Internet and remote control. In order to provide reliable data connectivity on-board, a pair of tracking satellite transmit/receive systems were installed.

The owners of the yacht can stay in touch with their office and friends at no extra cost via Internet telephone; the system uses dozens of telephone lines to onshore numbers simultaneously. The owners also have the ability to make free calls from and to registered mobiles within the vessel.

Fast Internet connection enables permanent availability of any of the Internet services, at no extra cost; high speed wireless connections are available all over the vessel. The owners of the yacht can watch and record their favourite TV programs at any time, even when they missed them on air. They also have a wide choice of blue-ray and MP3 files available among thousands of titles found in the media library.

The Television Interactive Entertainment System makes possible the sending and receiving of messages among all the system’s users. The flexibility of the system allows for the recognition of ranks, which helps avoid unauthorised dialogue between crew members and both owners and visitors of the yacht. At the same time, this enables all authorised users of the yacht to dispatch text messages to all cabins in case of an emergency. In this scenario the inactive television screens become active, and the viewing of the current channel or any other activity will be interrupted by the text message.