VoIP platforms from Mera Systems (Aloe Systems).

Aloe Systems, initially known as Mera Systems is a leading softswitch developer since 2001. They offer a number of products that feature flexibility and ease of deployment and meet the expanding needs of telecommunication companies: class 4/5 VoIP switching & billing software solutions with SBC functionality, LCR, H.323 / SIP support for wholesale & retail VoIP business.

Multiprotocol VoIP Transit Softswitch II (MVTS II)

Product represents a switching platform with a geographically distributed architecture and highly flexible traffic handling capability. MVTS II is designed to increase the efficiency of VoIP traffic management and is targeted towards carriers running 3 million+ minutes of VoIP calls per month. MERA solution alleviates the challenges of managing traffic flows on highly distributed networks by providing intelligent built-in algorithms of call routing and elaborate analysis and reporting tools. MVTS II keeps all billing and routing data in one single database (powered by Oracle), included into the system.

Multiprotocol VoIP Transit Softswitch Professional (MVTS Pro)

A high-performance class 4 softswitch & interconnect SBC – a carrier-grade solution for VoIP traffic management and wholesale peering. The solution features ease of deployment with the use of powerful internal routing or RADIUS-aided routing. You gain the ability to optimize your dialplan with reg-exp based routing making the solution easily configurable. Finally, the ability to use routing tree visualization allows simple management that helps you to turn the solution to your advantage.

Retail and Transit Unit (RTU)

A comprehensive, multifunctional class 5 VoIP platform is specifically designed to give all kinds of commnunication carries (scaling from local exchange carriers to large corporations) an opportunity to provide their customers with numerous types of services (residential VoIP, IP Centrex/Virtual office/Mobile office and others) in the most effective and flexible way possible. RTU allows carriers to deliver business models such as Corporate IP PBX, residential telephony and value-added services for both business and residential customers as well as IP Centrex, Virtual office, Mobile office and many others.