Network Security Solution

Enhance Your Physical Security with the Power of the Network

Cisco video surveillance software and hardware products support video transmission, monitoring, recording, and management. You can enhance your safety and security operations by using these products with your existing analog video surveillance equipment and smoothly migrate to a network-based physical security system. The deployment of Cisco Video Surveillance products, enables:

  • Access to video, anywhere, anytime with a wider range of devices via your IP network
  • Faster incident response, investigation and resolution
  • Multi-vendor interoperability for Best of Breed Video Surveillance Systems
  • Simplified deployment and control of new security applications

As a user of networked physical security and as a trusted advisor, Cisco's network and convergence expertise will help you build an impressive networked physical security operation that maximizes the value of your investments and video information while allowing you to focus on the safety of people and the security of your assets.

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