Managed Data Center Services

Managed Data Center Services

Managed Data Center Services increase efficiency and business productivity by creating an improved way to deliver data center resources, increase business continuity and enhance the security of your data, adapting to current and future business demands. We offer comprehensive Hosting/Co-location capabilities, and provide the secure hosting of Web or other application servers, and related Internet connectivity. We offer optional scaling from basic co-location where you own the equipment, to traditional Web hosting – where the provider owns the servers and all related equipment. Our services provide space, power, and network access in especially equipped and environmentally controlled data center with redundant power and 24/7 network connectivity.

Managed Hosting/Co-Location

This service provides you with hosting at various datacenters in Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA. More information can be found on our site at Dedicated Hosting page.

Managed WAAS

Through the Cisco-qualified Managed Wide Area Application Services (WAAS), we provide you with the means to deliver a powerful application acceleration and WAN optimization solution for the branch office, and improve the performance of any TCP-based application operating in a WAN environment. Your organisation will be able to consolidate costly branch-office servers and storage into centrally managed datacenters, deploy new applications directly from a datacenter and offer LAN-like application performance for your remote users.

We also offer Managed WAAS with a strategic designation, that include a full suite of WAAS-enabled services that can be implemented incrementally as well as immediately, and can be combined with some of our other services such as Managed Router and Managed Firewall. The service includes 24/7 management, monitoring and maintenance, comprehensive SLAs and online access to service performance reports.