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Stay safe!

Dear customers and partners,

The whole world is facing a global coronavirus outbreak which is affecting all of us, as citizens, as friends and as colleagues. In such circumstances, there is one very simple thing that we can do and that works for sure: social isolation. Patience and empathy have never been more important than they are now. From now on IPTP Networks pilot a global remote work system for staff to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Current scientific consensus claims that this virus is transmitted within a radius of 2 meters if someone coughs. Otherwise, the drops will fall to the ground and will not infect anyone. The next route of infection is through direct contact: the virus survives for hours or days on different surfaces. If it behaves like the flu, then on metal, ceramics and plastic, it can survive for weeks. This means that things like door handles, tables or elevator buttons can be terrible vectors of infection.

For IPTP Networks safety of our families, colleagues and customers is the main priority, that is why we are limiting access to all our facilities (if there is an urgent necessity to enter our facilities, please contact us, so we can schedule an appointment on the safest terms) to avoid face to face contact and reduce chances of being infected for both sides. All of our facilities and data centres are being disinfected after every human visit and are equipped with all necessary sanitizing supplies which you are obligated to use while visiting the facility. Please note, that it is better for you to bring your own safety medical mask and gloves, to minimize the further unprotected contact with surfaces and other people.

However, as a 1-stop-shop IT solutions provider, we are going to continue delivering our services to our customers, technical support is continuously available 24/7; our employees who will be delivering physical services to your facilities will be instructed to follow all your safety policies and guidelines.

IPTP Networks will continue to monitor the situation closely and take appropriate steps in response to the evolving situation. Meanwhile, we are asking you to take preventive actions such as washing your hands properly, drinking a proper amount of liquids and not getting in contact with other people without urgent necessity. Don’t forget to follow other rules, which are recommended by the government in your region.

Stay safe,
IPTP Networks team