Video Surveillance

IPTP Video Surveillance is a completely scalable and highly reliable integration solution that becomes a valuable element and a long-term investment in the security strategy for your office and premises. The service can be backed by management, monitoring and maintenance and our sales engineers, experienced with the latest in security & IT technology will help you choose the Surveillance package that will fit your individual security needs and align with your business, risk and value drivers.

Video Surveillance


Our in-house developed Video Surveillance software is designed specifically to cater to the needs of customers with complex technology or security requirements and is set up to meet the unique challenges of small and mid-sized businesses. Compared to relatively inexpensive video surveillance systems with limited functionality such as DVRs, and sophisticated, but often over-priced and over-licensed high-end solutions, IPTP Video Surveillance software offers a balanced and affordable alternative.

Unlike DVR systems, our software features a single archive enhanced with centralized management and can support from one up to several hundred cameras of different categories simultaneously. At the same time, compared to the high-end solutions available on the market IPTP Networks offers a significantly more competitive price point. Completely customizable to fit your business requirements, our software helps us work within your budget, adjusting to your business model and complementing your existing technology investments.

Video Surveillance

IPTP Video Surveillance Software is successfully deployed by IPTP Networks in company datacenters as well as our offices worldwide, demonstrating the solution’s effectiveness as an integrated and scalable way to protect both company assets and people.


In alternative systems, such as DVRs and other surveillance solutions, in order to extract recordings from a number of individual archives the user needs to refer to the same number of separate DVRs. With IPTP Video Surveillance software all files from all cameras and servers can be accessed in a single place while all data is stored in an easily accessible and secure unified archive.


Storing data in a DVR system significantly increases the risk of data-loss due to potential disk failures. IPTP Video Surveillance Software solves this issue once and for all, all the while providing the flexibility of storage and a variety of options that tailor the service to your needs. There are options to connect an external disk shelf or store video on a network share such as NFS, while iSCSI disks can be stored in a RAID configuration. Alternatively, an archive can be arranged as a collection of independent disks, which will ensure that your data remains available even in an event of one of the disks’ failure to respond. Video can be recorded on fast local storage, and then archived to a large capacity network storage. An archive can also be stored on a network share or, in case an archive is not needed, there is an option to set up a diskless server.


The operator’s position is normally bound by a number of restrictions. Some video surveillance systems require licensing of every position and apply various other restrictions, such as having a monitor connected to a DVR in order to survey cameras. IPTP Video Surveillance software requires only one operator in order to survey cameras from all servers, providing a centralized way to monitor your assets. A total number of operator positions depends on customers requirements and can be virtually limitless.


Recoding establishes the ultimate quality/capacity ratio for the archive, enabling the system to store a year-long archive in only 2 – 3 hard disks. If the video is being recorded at a high resolution and takes up too much space, recoding it allows for conversion into a lower resolution, keeping your archive in sync with your capacity demands and capabilities.

  • Monitor your shop, office or vessel using your PC, Pocket PC or TV with a Network Camera
  • The data is delivered to you via an Internet Connection, allowing you to survey your premises from any location
  • We work with IT, Security, Facilities, and other departments to designate the scope of the project and plan installation
  • View either the full stream video, or images of motion when it happens, from multiple locations, thus minimizing the bandwidth/traffic
  • CCTV to IP Video Migration
  • Mobile / Remote Viewing
  • Images are uploaded to the Web Server and can be delivered to your TV screen, a PC, Pocket PC or Cisco IP Phone
  • Wired and Wireless Network Design
  • Integration with Cisco phones is enabled by extraction of separate frames from a video stream and storing them in a separate archive
  • Integration with IP-enabled Access Control & Alarm Systems

IPTP Video Surveillance can be configured to interface with any other IT or Security systems, employing camera systems to their maximum potential. Based on the clients’ individual requirements, the solution can be delivered either on the basis of IPTP’s in-house developed Video Surveillance Software and deployed on any hardware, e.g. entirely Cisco or based on the Cisco Video Surveillance.