Self-Defending Networks

Security Solutions that Protect Your Network

Today the global economy is becoming increasingly dependent on information technologies, which means that networks must remain more available and reliable than ever, especially when it comes to responding to attacks. It is essential that networks learn to develop a ‘metabolism’ to newly developing attacks and maintain uninterrupted functionality while being in the process of this adaptation. The Self-Defending Network is Cisco’s long-term strategy to protect an organization’s business processes by identifying, preventing, and adapting to threats from both internal and external sources. For many years now Cisco’s integrated, adaptive, and collaborative systems for network security have been helping organizations all around the world to secure their network infrastructures, resulting in as many as over 1.5 million devices being shipped, which makes:

  • More than 3 million switches with integrated security
  • More than 500 000 Cisco Integrated Services Router security bundles

A powerful combination of state-of-the-art product capabilities, all-round systems approach and an extensive portfolio of services place Cisco as a leader in today’s global market of network security.

Benefits of Self-Defending Network Security Solutions:
  • The integration of security throughout all aspects of the network
  • Collaborative processes between the various security and network elements which allow to scale performance and services to customer need
  • The ability of the network to adapt to new threats as they arise
  • Performance has a minimal impact on existing routing and switching infrastructure, segmentation and access control techniques, and other organizational structures that support these systems
  • Minimized distribution and impact of attacks
  • System that remains active at all times
  • Autonomous systems that can quickly react to an attack with minimal to no manual intervention
  • Improve overall infrastructure availability and reliability.

Cisco Security helps organizations take better advantage of the intelligence in their network resources, thus improving business processes, cutting costs and increasing overall infrastructure availability and reliability. The Cisco networked-based strategy allows your enterprise to use existing investments to solve your most pressing security concerns today, while providing an architectural platform and security solutions that can evolve to deliver proactive, automated, real-time management of threats.

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