Logistics is a complex process, not only of transportation, but also information. The export/import procedure will encounter with multiple paperwork including invoicing, packing list, customs declaration, among others, that requires deep in-field knowledge of combined global and local IT legislation, rules, tariffs, licensing processes and investments.

IOR/EOR processes from a professional company, can bring you benefits from global trading, where you can find the best deals, due to their strong core establishment of local entities, partners and clients; while a wrong choice can result in a domino-effect of troubles, such as shipment delay, legal issues and a huge amount of money loss.

With our global footprints, you can avoid worries regarding:

  • Setting up new entities in new countries.
  • Designing end-to-end ultimate-path delivery.
  • Applying for multiple permissions and licenses in varied cases.

IPTP Networks under IOR/EOR role will:

  • Issue all cargo documents under our legal entity
  • Take care of all customs taxes and duties
  • Obtain the necessary permissions and licenses
  • Play both roles of shipper and consignee

All complicated issues are simplified through our services, and along with that, your costs are lowered with 99.99% guarantee. Finally, you will get fully satisfied with our door-to-door services at low cost, quick timing and 24/7 available globaly-located customer service care.