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Direct Internet Access

IPTP Networks Direct Internet Access — The high-speed, not oversubscribed high-quality Internet leased line for business operations.



Direct Internet Access

Direct Internet Access (DIA), or Internet leased line, is Internet connectivity with a static IP. DIA provides nationally and internationally connectivity – The ideal choice for any business that wants an online presence or Internet access.

Via our global private backbone of 235+ POPs covering 65 cities in 37 countries and our diverse network partner portfolio, we can provide Direct Internet Access with excellent performance at a moderate price.

Quickly expand to all desirable locations and let your customers reach you seamlessly with a high-speed, low-latency, highly robust, DDoS Mitigation service protected, geographically diversified, and redundant private backbone network.


Direct Internet Access – Internet leased line – is the ideal choice for fast-growing businesses that need:

  • — Reliable & fast Internet connection supported from 10Mb up to 100G ports.
  • — Seamless communication for time-critical applications like video, voice, financial transactions, or smooth gaming experience.
  • — Minimize effect from potential volumetric DDoS attacks.
  • — Avoid the complexity and cost of setting up your own ASN and BGP routers.
  • — Peace of mind with managed Internet service from a single committed provider.



Worldwide availability

Our Direct Internet Access solution is available at the most demanding locations in 37 countries in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.


Outstanding Domestic Coverage

Our Internet leased line is both well-connected internationally and nationally. Our stable connection with major local ISPs and Internet Exchanges in the market ensures the best-possible domestic and international performance.


Incredible Speed

Thanks to IPTP Networks’ global low latency backbone, our DIA Internet speed for most international destinations will always surpass domestic ISPs who commonly focus on low cost. The variety of links via our backbone also assures our global-leading position.



Our network implements hundreds of traffic inspection points to ensure 90% suppression of all commonly known volumetric attacks. Additionally, 2-3 core routers per market add great redundancy to provide customers with reliable seamless connectivity.


Fast Delivery

Quick setup in 235 data centres around the world with last mile options available. No ASN (Autonomous System Number) requirements. Immediately access the Internet without any complicated process.



Internet leased line (Direct Internet Access) boasts the best performance possible for the lowest price among all connectivity solutions.


High Availability – SLA up to 99,999%

Internet leased line is backed by our SLA-guaranteed private backbone with multiple resilience options (link and node protection), giving you ultra-reliability according to the Financial and Banking industry standards.


24/7/365 Support

  • Proactive network monitoring
  • Skilled technical support service
  • Maintenance support service


IPTP Networks provides Direct Internet Access service in all countries selected in blue on the global map.

Want to reach out to businesses from an entirely different region without compromising latency and bandwidth?

IPTP Networks also offers Remote DIA – a DIA service within remote sites via protected L2 EoMPLS backbones.