Virtual PoP

Expanding your business has never been easier

Are you challenged by customers to connect to Internet Exchanges, PNIs, or other valuable peers or NNI with specific ISPs from other countries?

Do you want to connect with your partner to exchange IPX/GRX traffic, make VoIP calls, or just construct a few final kilometres in your country of operation?

Your ISP insists that a Point-of-Presence (PoP) is the only way to expand your business online and deepen your relationship with your end-user; but you find it is such a tedious, resource-consuming process that involves high investment?

IPTP Networks simplifies it all and can instantly deploy a Virtual PoP for you. Once you get our Virtual PoP deployed successfully, IPTP’s worldwide network is now yours.

The fastest way to establish a global network

Virtual PoP, or vPoP, lets you immediately set up a native presence and allows the end-customers to connect to your business in any location of your choice. It is essentially the same as a physical PoP but without the need to rent a colocation facility or take on the risks or commitments that come with network extensions when income sources are yet to be shown.

How it works?

During the period of your Virtual PoP contract, IPTP provides you with the rental of either port-on equipment or dedicated physical equipment that is devoted solely to your usage if you consider making your own POP or any combination of its so-called Semi-Virtual POP. With a single port, the dedicated router is pre-wired to our IX exchange, giving you immediate access to the entire complement of peering, IP transit, and our global network. Your business will be available immediately in your targeted area (or even worldwide!) with just a simple cross-connect with IPTP.

Virtual Pop

Your benefits at a glance

Your benefits with IPTP’s Virtual PoP

Reach: Your business will have access to IPTP’s worldwide network with 228+ Points of Presence (PoPs) and 72+ colocation facilities, allowing you to connect to all the major internet exchanges and choose the best paths to meet your customer demands.

Scalability: Virtual PoP is a scalable solution that can scale up as your company’s traffic grows. The pay-as-you-grow scaling model also minimizes deployment risks for your company.

Cost: Since it is a virtual presence solution, no CapEх expenses or long-term commitment required. IPTP supplies all of the services and equipment necessary for you to run your very own Virtual PoP. Only sign a single contract and pay a single monthly service cost.

Simplicity: You will have a single hub for all of your interconnects and partnerships. There’s no need for different subsidiaries to manage them.

Time-to-Market: VLANs on the fly. We can create any desired new points of presence for you within minutes. IPTP’s Virtual PoPs solution is already in place and ready for your business’s speedy deployment. There’s no need to sign several contracts or haggle with multiple carriers.

Synergy: Virtual PoP enables your company to negotiate with overseas operators as a group, allowing for higher volume discounts and better prices.

Support: Virtual PoP also comes with our Remote Hands service that includes 24×7 management, maintenance, and support. You can manage the equipment yourself or have it managed by IPTP professionals. If you don’t want to transport your equipment, we also rent out our rack’s entire equipment.

Virtual PoP right at your fingertips

With all of our facilities in all of the metro areas in the Americas, EMEA, Asia, and Pacific region, IPTP is your ideal partner for borderless communication. For a better look, check out our global network map of presences in 37 countries and over 64 cities (and still counting!)

Further your reach and connect with your customers from all over the world with IPTP Virtual PoPs.