Your Ultimate Handbook to Dedicated Server Hosting

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

In the world of hosting, numerous options are available for housing your critical data. While cloud hosting and shared hosting are suitable for low-traffic websites, enterprises with high-traffic demands require a hosting plan with excellent transfer quality. Enter dedicated hosting.

Today’s blog will answer all the questions about what is dedicated server hosting, why you should choose it, as well as what benefits it can bring to your company’s success.

What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is a powerful solution that dedicates a whole server to an individual and is not shared with anyone else. As the name suggests, server resources—RAM, disk space, CPU usage, and bandwidth—are entirely dedicated to your needs.

Dedicated server hosting offers dedicated servers that can handle intense traffic, provide fast and reliable performance, and hyper-responsive customer support. The dedicated server is usually located in a secure data center, ensuring a highly secure hosting environment for optimal data protection.

When using dedicated server hosting, you can enjoy full control over the servers, including choice of operating system, administration, self-defined rules, hardware, etc. This means great control, performance, security, and flexibility for your data.

What is the difference between dedicated server hosting and other hosting types?

The main difference between dedicated server hosting and other hosting alternatives is its single tenancy. Most common infrastructures, like shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, and cloud hosting, are multi-tenant environments that share a server among multiple customers. In contrast, a dedicated server is a single-tenant hosting environment with exclusive control over resources.

This table compares dedicated server hosting to other options:


Comparison point Dedicated server hosting Shared hosting VPS hosting Cloud hosting
Infrastructure Dedicated hardware on physical servers Shared resources on physical/virtual servers Shared resources on virtual servers Abstracted resources on virtual servers
Performance High Low Mid-high High
Configurability Maximum reconfigurability Limited configurability Partial reconfigurability Limited configurability
Pricing Costly Most affordable Moderate cost Expensive
Security Single tenancy ensures high security and privacy Low security level Moderate security level High security with storage sharing risks
Table comparing dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting differences.

Does your business need dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is best for high-traffic sites like online marketplaces, e-commerce shops, or social networks. A dedicated server exclusively for hosting your data ensures instant response for end users. Dedicated server hosting ensures smooth operations for both single and multiple smaller sites.

Those with in-depth web management knowledge can leverage the flexibility of dedicated server hosting, gaining complete control over the hosting environment. Choose dedicated server hosting if you need full administrative access to customize the server environment, including the operating system and database, according to your business needs.

While no hosting option can be entirely secure, dedicated server hosting is the top choice for businesses prioritizing security. At the same service level, no other hosting option offers as many resources, security, and stability as dedicated server hosting. However, it would be wiser to pick other hosting alternatives if your business has a tighter budget and/or needs a simple-to-use solution.

Dedicated server hosting is commonly used by high-performance industries like banking, finance, tech, education, and media, requiring superior performance and load capacity for high traffic.

Scenarios where dedicated server hosting makes more sense than other options include:

  • High-volume data exchange
  • High traffic web applications
  • Sites deal with confidential data
  • Huge data storage & Backup
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) applications 
  • Secure financial transaction
  • Machine learning/Big Data
  • Dedicated game servers
  • Online media streaming

Benefits of using dedicated server hosting for your business

Dedicated resources

Dedicated server hosting puts the entire server and its resources at your disposal. As the sole tenant, dedicated server hosting eliminates worries about resource usage, network congestion, crashes, or downtime from other users.

Dedicated server hosting also eradicates the risk of slow loading times during peak traffic periods. This greatly benefits e-commerce sites during peak sales, game servers at the start of a new season, or the FX market during peak trading sessions.

Without resource competition, dedicated server hosting provides enhanced stability and consistent performance, contributing to brand reputation and user experience.

Faster loading speed

Dedicated server hosting, with ample resources and the use of modern hardware like SSDs instead of HDDs, enables faster loading of site elements.
Data exchange speed can directly affect the conversion rates and your bottom line.

In online businesses, site speed is an SEO criterion that can impact search engine rankings. A fast site can boost a company’s position in search results, while a slow one can harm SEO and drive away visitors.

In the fast-paced FOREX market, where every millisecond equates to a million dollars, dedicated server hosting is crucial. High-frequency traders benefit from unmatched trade execution speed, ultra-low latency, and superior performance not offered by other hosting solutions.

Scalability & Server Customization

Dedicated server hosting provides extensive customization possibilities, an option unavailable in other types of hosting.

Dedicated server hosting allows you to customize hardware specs and server software to meet specific requirements, such as changing the operating system or adjusting configurations for optimized performance.

You can easily scale up resources for increased traffic or more complex tasks with dedicated server hosting. Activity levels in Forex, e-commerce, and content networks may vary during certain periods. Dedicated server hosting provides scalability to handle increased traffic, ensuring sites remain responsive and stable even during peak times.

Superior security

Dedicated server hosting gives you more control over security configurations tailored to your needs. As the sole user of the dedicated server, there is a lower risk of others compromising the server’s security.

Dedicated server hosting safeguards your digital activities from potential cyber threats. It is the preferred choice for businesses adhering to PCI and HIPAA rules, thanks to its high level of physical protection and customizable security. This is crucial for traders handling sensitive client information and executing large trades, or businesses conducting sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

Dedicated IP address

Dedicated server hosting comes with a unique IP address. With a dedicated IP address, there’s no concern about the behaviour of shared tenants. A dedicated IP is crucial for sites requiring SSL to process credit card transactions.

How to determine a dedicated server hosting provider?

Choosing the wrong provider can seriously hinder your business. Common factors to consider when choosing a dedicated server hosting provider:

  • Data centre infrastructure: Uptime is vital in choosing reliable facilities. A reliable data center hosting the dedicated server should feature redundant power, networking, and route-optimized, low-latency connections.
  • Budget: Deploying and maintaining a dedicated server can incur significant costs, but it’s a necessary investment that can quickly pay off in the long term.
  • Compliance: Consider any regulatory requirements your organization must meet.
  • Bandwidth & network connectivity: Flexible bandwidth, diverse network connectivity options with high-speed capabilities, and robust peering arrangements ensure optimal performance for widespread coverage.

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