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Network Advisory Services


  • Looking to connect your various sites and offices for your expanding business?
  • Wishing to know the next steps for your enterprise online journey?
  • Having trouble pinpointing the network services to deepen your relationship with your end user?
  • Searching for expert advice to reduce risks and efficiently grow your business online?
  • Finding the right infrastructure and correct amount of storage for your critical data?
  • Getting started on building your backbone in another country?
  • Wanting appropriate technology and perfect connectivity to cut down the latency for approaching foreign markets?

It can be intimidating to learn how to improve your digital journey – Worry not, Network Advisory Services is here for your peace of mind.


Network Advisory Services provides network consulting services for your business within your budget. We can assist you in unlocking the full potential of your network with cost-effective network and telecom strategies to optimize performance and scalability. IPTP Network Advisory Services will expertly counsel you, help you navigate the constantly changing environment of network technology, and assist you in making the greatest choices for your business success.

With our deep knowledge of the newest workplace technology and ties with numerous service suppliers, we can support national, regional and global businesses of all sizes and from a variety of industrial sectors in evaluating vendors and solutions to cut costs and improve end-user performance. With our extensive experience in network, data centre and connectivity solutions via our experience with +3000 global clients, IPTP Networks aim to enhance your total network efficiency. Our certified team members are all skilled professionals and can assist you with any problems your business encounters in your digital journey.


Network Advisory Services  offer expert advice in networking, data centre and managed connectivities. Through our Network Advisory Services, we can help with:  

  • Assisting Service Providers and Enterprises in navigating the ever-changing network technology landscape.
  • Identifying operational gaps and areas for network enhancement.
  • Making strategic decisions on the growth of networks and IT solutions, and creating cost-effective strategies that also improve performance.
  • Cutting down on the amount of research necessary to find new technologies with our understanding of new digital trends.
  • Providing vital guidance for achieving corporate objectives more quickly for better expansion chances.
  • Identifying, customizing, and delivering infrastructure and connectivity solutions that are suited to your company’s needs.
  • Supporting you with upgrading outdated infrastructure, securing it, decreasing latency, increasing agility, or enhancing user experience.
  • Defining network and IT strategy for your business, decreasing the time to market for new services and facilitating simpler vendor collaboration.
  • Altering and enhancing the infrastructure performance while maximizing spending.
  • Recommending on implementing new technologies and services and creating your IT infrastructures or connectivity.
  • Enabling small to midsize businesses to reach new markets successfully with best-in-class support at an affordable price.

It can be intimidating to learn how to improve your digital journey – Worry not, Network Advisory Services is here for your peace of mind.


Network Advisory By Services
  • Datacenter services: Dedicated Hosting, Colocation, Datacenter, Remote Hands, Edge Computing
  • Internet access services: IP Transit, IX Transit, POP & Virtual POP, DIA & Remote DIA
  • Remote Peering at major regional and global Internet eXchanges
  • Low Latency and Ultra Low Latency global transport
  • Connectivity services: MPLS, EoMPLS, EPL, IEPL/IPLC, etc.
  • Direct connection to Cloud/FOREX/Liquidity providers
  • Integration services: XAAS, SD-WAN Enabler
  • Office solutions: ERP, CRM
  • Global IT Logistics services
Network Advisory By Industry
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Forex
  • Automated trading platforms
  • Media/CDN
  • Streaming & Gaming
  • Debit/credit card companies
  • ISP, Cloud, Hosting provider
  • Others

Network Advisory By Region
  • North America (USA, Canada)
  • Latin America (Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia)
  • Europe (UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain)
  • East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
  • South Asia & Pacific (Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia)
  • Middle East & Africa (South Africa, UAE, Bahrain)


Is your network ready for your digital future? Send a message to sales@iptp.net or use Live Assistant to get reliable guidance to help your business online growth.