Hong Kong — Frankfurt

Single Route — Triple choices between the world’s two leading Financial Hubs!


L2 MPLS Low Latency Connectivity

Customers connected via IPTP Networks low latency L2 MPLS service providers to connect to global markets or to execute to brokers or market data services, will automatically benefit from the latency reductions and performance
enhancements on our 3 routes deployed for this specific demand:


Hong Kong — Frankfurt 71 ms


Hong Kong — Frankfurt 74 ms


Hong Kong — Frankfurt 83 ms


offer starting at
$750 / 100Mbps.



Known as the world’s leading FInancial Centers, Hong Kong and Frankfurt are two destinations that has always been in high demand of low latency connectivity.

A tiny delay, or inaccuracy of data due to a delay, can result in incorrect decisions or transactions that lead to huge losses on behalf of investors.


IPTP Networks is operated under 35 Tbps network capacity that across 228+PoPs worldwide.

We have been accompanying IT, Fintech, Forex, ISP, Banking, Voice,… ecosystem to maximize their network capacity at low and ultra-low latency.

Get to understand thoroughly how our service can satisfy your demand under secure global backbone, our team is available 24/7 to consult and offer tailor-suite solutions.

We provide transparent information for your checking convenience. Find out more low-latency paths at IPTP Networks at:

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Latency between various nodes from Frankfurt and Hong Kong

What our customers say?

Jackson Wu, eASPNet, President.


“Our cloud services including the GWS hybrid cloud and GWStack appliance built on VMware technology-based cloud platform can be connected not only to eASPNet platform, but also a number of international cloud providers such as
AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba Cloud etc. This is possible because of our brilliant partnership with IPTP Networks as global high-speed network connections provider for multi-cloud, cross-cloud premium cloud services.”

Mark Cooper, CCO at AMS-IX.


“The network infrastructure of IPTP Networks spans key data centre locations in every continent. This key strength, together with their innovative and flexible approach, makes them a perfect party to resell the AMS-IX service

Mr. Dang Tung Son CMO/DCEO of CMC Telecom.


“We are delighted to partner with IPTP as it offers a wide-range of global cable assets and low-latency connectivity to major global and regional hubs. This reliable collaboration has enabled us to leverage each other’s strong
network footprint and serve our respective customers with outstanding experiences.”

Andreas Hipp, CEO of Cataleya.


“As a voice and messaging platform software company, with a big ambition to become a leader in CPaaS solutions for Communication Service providers, our infrastructure partner has to understand and be able to support real time
communications platforms very, very well. They are sensitive in nature to latency and jitter and require super high availability in general and we believe we have found that partner in IPTP and their great support and response
times, paired with their global reach are the icing on the cake.”

Markos A. Kashiouris, Chairman & CEO Notesco Financial Services Ltd.


“Our companies developed in partnership with IPTP Networks and, indeed, a huge part of our success can be attributed to choosing IPTP as service provider. One of the most important factors in business is having a dependable and
secure partner on whom you can rely. I am proud to say that we, without a doubt, have such a partner.”

Alexander Grekov, Sr. Account Manager at MSK-IX.


“Deployment with IPTP significantly increased our enterprise’s productivity and responsiveness, establishing a whole new level of confidence throughout our working environment.”

Alexey Bozrikov, The head of IT, SCF Unicom


“IPTP is the first company to state that it ‘simply provides proper internet’, and for many years it has done just that!”

Paul Dalziel, Business Relationship Manager at CardPay Inc.


“Over the time that CardPay has been working with IPTP, we have enjoyed stable and secure servers and hosting facilities, which enabled us to grow and achieve greater success, thanks to their flexible and robust business

Chryso Panayi, KPM Consulting, Cyprus


“Thanks to IPTP Networks, we unify all of our communications on a single IP-based platform. Since that our company significantly reduces communications costs while at the same time boost employees’ productivity.”

Vlad Ruban, Tech Client Services Manager, Advection.NET


“IPTP has been a reliable infrastructure partner for our global video CDN. Because we provide low-latency live streaming services to major brands, we often need to scale up to manage the influx of new viewers – and we can always
count on IPTP for additional capacity.”

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