Introducing IXP Compare tool - Internet Exchange Point Compare

IXP Compare tool

Introducing IXP Compare tool

A global telecoms provider – IPTP Networks – has unveiled a free IXP calculator program to track and compare worldwide Internet Exchanges.

The IXP calculator tool, IXP Compare, analyzes Internet Exchange Point (IXP) data sets powered by PeeringDB and creates visual presentations with comparisons based on multiple parameters.

The IXP compare tool is used for comparing two Exchange points on five essential domains :

  • Peers
  • Open peers
  • Connections
  • IPv6 percentage
  • Overall Speed

All information can be obtained by choosing the target IXP names from the tool dropbox.

The IXP Compare tool showcases a complete list of peering members with their names and ASN (Autonomous System Number). Moreover, it is also equipped with the options to view the chosen IXPs’ mutual and unique peers.

This IXP calculator tool is especially helpful for internet providers, financial services firms, and multinational enterprises with offices located across the globe, that are searching for a suitable IX community to join. By providing a detailed graphic comparison, the IXP Compare tool offers an innovative opportunity for network providers to instantly review IXPs of their choices listed in their desired geographical area and aid in global business planning.

How to use IXP Compare tool

Here is a step-by-step guide to use the IXP Compare tool:

  • Click on the two dropdowns and choose the targeted Internet Exchanges.
  • Scroll the dropbox to find desired IXPs.

  • Both dropdown bars also have a search option to look for a particular Internet Exchange in the desired location easier.
  • Type in the IXP name or location for a quicker look.

  • Hover over the ‘wheel’ illustration to reveal the percentage of 4 of each criterion (peers, open peers, connections, and total speed).
  • Hover over the illustration to get the percentage.

  • Find out the name and ASN (autonomous system number) of each IXP’s member down the peer list.
  • Show a list of all peer member from both IXPs in blue (unique peer) and orange (mutual peer).

  • Choose the “Mutual” button to see which peer partner presents at both Internet Exchange communities.
  • Show all mutual peers (in orange) - The members that join both IXPs.

  • Select “Unique” to view those that appear in only the respective IXP.
  • Unique peer partners show up in one IXP and not the other.

  • Look for a specific peer partner via the search bar.
  • Look for a particular peering partner from the searchbar.

  • Gain more information about each peer partner by clicking on the name to get redirected to that partner’s profile on PeeringDB.
  • Show member profile on the PeeringDB.

    “As IX Transit and Remote IX are some of our more popular services, we often encountered various customers struggling with making decisions on the most suitable IX communities,” said CEO & Co-Founder of IPTP Networks, Vladimir Kangin. “With IXP Compare, decision-makers can feel more confident and speed up the search for the best IXP to suit the business’s needs.”

    Besides the IXP Compare Tool release, IPTP Networks also announced an upcoming tool – called ASN Info Tool. This additional tool can provide basic information about Autonomous Systems using AS numbers or IP addresses.

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