LAC Peering Forum 2021.5

LAC Peering Forum 2021.5
11 October, 2021

On October 11th, IPTP Networks team will be attending the Latin America and Caribbean Peering Forum, which is having its second online meeting in 2021 within the framework of the LACNIC 36 event.

LAC Peering Forum is organized by LAC-IX, the Association of Traffic Exchange Points of Latin America and the Caribbean with the support of LACNIC, the Internet Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean,and companies and organizations that make possible the most important Peering meeting in the region.

The LAC-PF provides the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and experiences, as well as discuss future Internet interconnection activities. Specially for network operator coordinators and their colleagues in the industry. Its goal is to promote and provide spaces of collaboration on issues related to the interconnection of networks, Traffic Exchange Points, CDNs, transport capacity, collocation and interconnection centers, among others.

The event will be short in duration, but some of the time available will be devoted to short (15-20 minute) presentations of papers or possibly a 50 minute tutorial from the Internet community. Thus, the LAC-PF 2021.5 program committee invites the community to submit papers to be presented at the event.

Looking forward to meeting everyone there!

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, please send your request using the form below, or feel free to drop a message at and we will be more happy to support your request.

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