2 October, 2023
Fábrica de Negocios, Fortaleza
Fortaleza, Brasil

IPTP Networks will participate in LACNIC 40 – LACNOG 2023 in Fortaleza, Brazil.

We are pleased to announce that IPTP Networks will be present at the highly anticipated LACNIC 40 – LACNOG 2023 event. This five-day event, dedicated to fostering collaboration in the Internet community, will take place from October 2 to 6 in Fortaleza, Brazil.

LACNIC 40 – LACNOG 2023 brings together experts, professionals and enthusiasts from various sectors, such as information technology, education, civil society and government, among others. The event offers valuable opportunities for high-level training, knowledge exchange and networking with more than 800 participants.

See you at the Fábrica de Negocios in Fortaleza, Brazil, for LACNIC 40 – LACNOG 2023 which will feature technical tutorials, expert presentations, the Public Policy Forum and more.

We look forward to participating in these discussions, learning from our colleagues, and contributing to the advancement of the Internet landscape.

Stay tuned for event updates and our experiences as we join this vibrant gathering of Internet players.

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