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Introducing LAGBLASTER – The cost-effective pay-as-you-go license to enhance international connectivity.

Blast the Lag

LAGBLASTER is our tailored license designed for minor capacity needs (3 -12Mbps), especially video conferencing and gaming experience.

LAGBLASTER is a first-of-its-kind solution for accessing international servers via IPTP Networks’ low latency backbone.

LAGBLASTER blasts away all lag, reduces ping, minimizes jitter, eliminates packet reordering and congestion, and close to zero packet loss using our optimized custom network routes. The license is intelligently designed to automatically split domestic and international routing so users can access multiple contents simultaneously.

LAGBLASTER is an affordable solution for real-time, latency-sensitive online activities globally such as gaming, video conferencing, live streaming, 4K broadcasting, and FOREX trading.

Lowers ping and reaches global servers Low latency backbone
Security, speed and reliability guaranteed Being based on 100% CISCO equipment backbone
Reduce network address & Remotely display local IP under a private IP Only one NAT (Network Address Translation) instance along the path
Users appear as though they are in the requested place Entry/Exit points adjustment
Optimal utilization of both domestic and international resources simultaneously Automatically split routing
Easy to setup & use Simple implementation into existing hardware
Minimizes the negative effects from a local segment of Public Internet Multiple options for Access Gateway
Pay as you go with unlimited happy hours starting from $3 per month* Flexible hourly pricing plans
Access different services at multiple demanded locations at the same time** Multiple concurrent Exit Gateways
UX/UI friendly Connect and switch between multiple Exit Gateways with a few clicks
* A $22 deposit will be applied for LAGBLASTER device first purchase
** Upcoming feature