Connectivity services

Managed Connectivity Services provide global network connectivity that helps you communicate with your organizations and customers over a secure and reliable infrastructure. Our flexible portfolio allows for these connectivity services to be deployed either on an infrastructure owned by us, or in combination with a third-party infrastructure. You can choose a specific service in accordance with your business needs or combine it with other Managed Connectivity Services. For further information, please refer to our network coverage map, or contact our representative via Live Assistant.



  • Convergence of multiple applications and traffic types on a single network
  • Numerous connectivity options are available to meet varied business requirements
  • Accomplished, industry leading infrastructure for communicating both internally and with your customers
  • Flexible connectivity services that expands simultaneously with the growth of your business requirements
Through the Managed MPLS service, we provide you with a private IP network enhanced with high quality secure connectivity. This service delivers appropriate levels of latency, jitter, and packet loss to ensure a successful, concurrent handling of multiple types of traffic, voice and video in particular; it classifies and prioritizes traffic flows from end to end, enabling SLAs for multiple classes of service. We give you the ability to select a full mesh VPN option to pass traffic directly from site to site, and select the design configuration that appeals to your needs.

Our managed Local Area Network service is designed to provide you with remote LAN switch configuration, management and maintenance, combined with software patch management. You benefit from reduction of costs for in-house IT department and a sophisticated, professional management – all backed by our experience and extensive capabilities. Our solution design is accurately constructed to meet your specific requirements for all levels of service performance and can be complimented by other connectivity services such as IP Telephony.

Service that enables you to connect to members of Internet Exchanges through our network and benefit from cost, latency, and bandwidth. You can reach all major Internet Exchanges via a single port, over 1500 BGP sessions and traffic are exchanged with almost 1000 Tier2 and Tier1 ISPs that provide over 250,000 prefixes. The list of IXs includes, but is not limited to: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, Equinix Exchange, HKIX, MSK-IX, LINX, SIX, TorIX, DTEL-IX, Digital Realty, TIE, and Any2. Our connectivity services ensure a seamless connection to these exchanges.

High-speed, highly resilient broadband full BGP Internet access for ISPs, ASPs, CPs, telecoms, and data center operators and corporates. Our Level3 partner helps us achieve the ultimate connectivity solution both via HSIP and directly via peering partners, establishing sessions that bypass other autonomous systems. Extensive direct interconnections and well-established bilateral peering with numerous providers worldwide allow for load-balancing, route optimisation and excellent global and regional coverage. Available on 100 FE, 1 GE and 10 GE ports at major data centers around the world or at customer premises with an extended local loop. This is a key component of our connectivity services.

An international P2P leased line service that provides dedicated, reliable and secure point-to-point network connectivity solutions between customers’ premises and locations worldwide. It supports all types of traffic (voice, data, video or any other latency and jitter sensitive multimedia applications), provides a wide range of bandwidths and offers scalability and flexibility to meet your present and future communications needs. Our IPLC service is ideal for diverse business models and helps protect against security threats.

Cost-effective network connectivity solutions that enable your organization to meet the demand of bandwidth-intensive, critical applications with reliable, flexible, high-bandwidth P2P configurations delivering high-capacity fiber connections between two sites. It enables you to connect your CPE using an Ethernet interface at a lower cost and allows you to use any VLANs or Ethernet control protocol across the service without coordinating with IPTP Networks. Quality of service EPL allows the use of voice, data, video or any other multimedia.

We provide you with a transparent connection using the Ethernet protocol, just like a wired service. Pseudowire can be used to interconnect different types of media, like Ethernet to Frame Relay. Via the MPLS network, Pseudowire provides an end-to-end connection that allows linking remote locations to share the same Ethernet LAN. Deliver a flexible network with higher speed and greater performance for your legacy services without having to change the entire system or interrupt your business. Moreover, this dynamic and transparent L2 network comes with support for traffic engineering, ensuring our connectivity services deliver a low latency connection.