Our products

As a system integrator and software developer IPTP Networks for more than 20 years develop own products and services in various fields of programming and engineering.

First and most important — security.

1) Based on our high network capacity and sophisticated fine-tuning of network premises we’ve developed a Distributed Mitigation Managed Service against volumetric DDoS (DMMS)

2) Geographical diversity and partnership with many telecommunication companies allows us to create WHERR – hardware and software tracking solution to control assets and people worldwide.

3) Vargus™ IPTP Video Surveillance Software is successfully deployed by IPTP Networks in company data centers as well as our offices worldwide, demonstrating the solution’s effectiveness as an integrated and scalable way to protect both company assets and people.

Jumbo Internet Exchange

Our brand new product target to become a complementary platform to legacy Internet Exchanges. IPTP Networks team has a strong belief that eventually all Global Internet Exchanges will be available via JumboIX platform.

Our software solutions for business

1) IPTP ERP&CRM – our company, as it grew, was faced with the urgent need to transfer its business processes, such as financial accounting, personnel management, analytics, logistics, procurement, and sales, to a higher level. Since 2002 we develop our own ERP&CRM system for internal us. Today, we are sharing with you the success of our ERP software and proudly remain a user of this solution.

2) Cross Messenger is a new innovative standalone component of IPTP ERP&CRM system that provides an effective communication among all of your business partners and makes your CRM experience truly mobile.

IPTP Smart Premises

1) SmartSpaces Automation Solution allows for sustainable control over the premises, automating the processes of all electrical appliances, utilizing them most efficiently.
2) IPTP CADA our in-house developed software and one of the main components of the IPTP SmartSpaces Automation Solution.
3) Middleware IPTV represents a television system that has a number of technological advantages over a traditional one-way cable or satellite broadcast network.