IP Telephony

The advantages of IP telephony in comparison with traditional telephone systems are obvious: IP telephony reduces monthly operating expenses for telephone services, increases the efficiency of the communication system, adds innovative interaction functions and makes your office more modern and attractive.

Reduction of monthly expenses

There are several aspects to saving:

  • Free phone calls between company branches;
  • Lack of payment of international tariffs for calls between branches in countries where the IP telephony solution is implemented;
  • Additional savings when calling from IP phones to traditional;
  • No cost of technical support services for offices where IP Phone system is implemented for all extensions;
  • Automatic Secretary can answer customer calls without a staff secretary and transfer them to an extension number;
  • Using a corporate network saves your budget for implementation;
  • Investment protection for future growth, due to the flexibility and extensibility of the system.
Communication Effectiveness

Combining data and voice communications within a single, highly reliable system, we provide a number of useful functions:

UI and performance

  • The ability to make a call simply by clicking on the “Call” button from the address book on your computer;

  • Three levels of address directories – Personal telephone Address book, Public address book and Directory of all internal extension numbers;

  • The ability to see the name of the caller if his number is listed in the contact list;

  • Ability to quickly redial a previously dialed number;

  • Ability to display the list of missed calls and chime function;

  • Wireless Wifi IP phones allow you to use IP Telephony in the coverage area of ​​a Wi-Fi network;

  • Ability to make calls to remote offices as if you were there;

  • Cisco offers a solution to increase the productivity and profitability of enterprises by combining telephony technology, wireless networks and mobile communications;
Advanced communications

  • The ability to make conference calls between departments and additional numbers;

  • Possibility of introducing virtual conference rooms;

  • Scalable voicemail from 4 to 16 simultaneous sessions and from 12 to 120 mailboxes;

  • Ability to use business applications with Interactive Voice Menus;

The service includes many other functions designed to increase staff efficiency and business productivity.

Innovative interaction features

The development of technology allows integrating IP telephony with a personal computer, which provides the following advantages:


  • Video telephony;

  • Videoconferencing;

  • Possibility of integration with the Customer Relationship Management system (up to 240 users);

  • The ability to use an office extension number, even while outside the office, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network);

  • An intuitive graphical user interface provides ease of installation and freedom to add, move and adjust.
The ability to use IP phones as consoles for other applications, which are usually separate systems, such as:

  • Remote video surveillance terminals and security systems;

  • Lighting control terminals;

  • Air Conditioning and Heating Terminals;

  • Control terminals for business applications.
A wide selection of IP phone models

The Cisco CallManager Express is built into Cisco IOS® Software, which provides convenient and affordable IP telephony features for small businesses and corporate offices. This solution supports Cisco’s extensive portfolio of integrated routers that provide a wide range of telephony features that are often used by business users. At the same time, it provides simplified management, support and operation, reducing the total cost of ownership.


CP7975G Series Cisco IP Phones have the option of installing additional screen savers to help you change the look of your office to suit your taste. See detailed instructions for installing these screensavers.