What is Ethernet Private Line (EPL)? Definition & Explanation


Whenever the topic of secure, durable, and high-quality network connections comes up, Ethernet Private Line also gets mentioned.

This article will discuss what an Ethernet Private Line is, how it works, along with its many advantages.

What is an Ethernet Private Line?

An Ethernet Private Line, also known as EPL or E-line, is a private point-to-point (P2P) connection between two or more sites.

Ethernet Private Line is a trustworthy data communication method, frequently used to send huge volumes of data and connect multiple sites with a direct connection, such as a corporate office and a data centre, instead of via the open Internet. No outside users or other businesses have access to EPL. Thus this dedicated connection provides the much-needed speed, privacy and security.

Ethernet Private Line is a combination of a Private Line with the Ethernet protocol.

Ethernet is an established LAN packet-based technology for connecting devices and transmitting data. Ethernet is one of the protocols of choice for information sharing due to its fast speeds, great performance, and low costs.

When combined, Ethernet Private Line offers the security of a point-to-point connection and the simplicity of Ethernet to ensure that your data will be transmitted safely, quickly, and effectively between two points.

How does an Ethernet Private Line work?

An EPL service is set up by creating a point-to-point dedicated Ethernet circuit between two User-Network Interfaces (UNIs) on the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) (see “Site Equipment” below). One of which is at the source location (an A-end: see the “HQ” below) and the other at the destination location (and Z-end: see the “Branch office” below).


EPL Diagram: How does an Ethernet Private Line work?

The EPL service provider will let customers connect their CPE using an Ethernet interface, called an Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC), once the circuit has been established. An EVC is a logical connection that locates a point on a circuit and makes sure that data is sent to the right place. EVC offers QoS guaranteed and also allows customers to use any VLANs or Ethernet control protocol across the service.

The benefits of using an Ethernet Private Line

EPL is a private, secure, and dedicated connection. Businesses won’t have to worry about sharing data or bandwidth with outsiders. This can help to prevent data breaches and ensure their connection continuously functions well.

EPL is a scalable & cost-effective solution for businesses that need to connect multiple locations. Businesses can update or lower their bandwidth usage to match their evolving demands. This way, companies can ensure that they only pay for the capacity and bandwidth that they use.

EPL lets users avoid the public Internet and safely transfer traffic over a private connection, supported by an SLA, making it ideal for latency-sensitive data applications.

Which businesses can benefit from Ethernet Private Line service?

Any business that requires a secure, direct Ethernet leased line to bypass the public Internet may greatly enjoy EPL, including:

  • Businesses have offices, branches, teams, or departments that are spread out geographically.
  • Healthcare providers with several clinics and hospitals.
  • Financial institutions with numerous locations.
  • Universities with far-off campuses or classrooms.
  • Government organizations with wide-spread offices or facilities.
  • Media, entertainment, or content businesses with high bandwidth needs.

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