What is IPLC?


What is IPLC? Understanding International Private Leased Circuit

A dependable and high-quality connection is essential for any company with global goals. International companies need a dedicated connection to connect all of their regional offices, data centres, and cloud servers.

This article will discuss one of the most popular leased lines for high-speed internet access, IPLC, along with its various features and advantages.

International Private Leased Circuit definition

So what is IPLC? IPLC (also known as International Private Leased Circuit) is a point-to-point private leased line that helps multinational corporations communicate with its numerous geographically separated offices.

The IPLC eliminates the drawbacks of using public networks, such as slow response, sudden downtimes, and other security threats. IPLC satisfies enterprise-grade requirements that call for quick response times, high levels of security, and availability.

With its point-to-point architecture setup, IPLC establishes an immediate and dependable connection to make sure only the users can get access to the connection. As a result, IPLC is extremely secure as well as private. Businesses may communicate sensitive information securely between offices, data centres, and cloud providers without worrying about data leaks.

IPLC is a reliable, excellent, and economical solution for international organizations that need a point-to-point private line for video conferencing, time-sensitive data exchange, high-volume trading, business-intensive applications, and other forms of digital communication from different locations.

What is IPLC used for?

IPLC is an efficient technology for handling high-speed applications such as LAN connections from headquarters to other branch offices. It is especially useful in a highly volatile environment that requires frequent data exchange due to its data security and protection capabilities. IPLC is popular in service industries like banking, financial markets, content delivery management, and data centre network-based sectors. It also works well for businesses with a consistently high volume of visitors.

IPLC diagram

With IPLC, businesses can lease several private connections in several countries where they have offices from a single service provider. Thus, international companies can manage their global operations easier. With a single node of service, businesses can immediately fix any problems with their private leased circuit as well as manage billing for one carrier only.

IPLC features

IPLC features can vary depending on the service providers, but some of its most common features are:

  • SLAs guaranteed
  • Global coverage
  • Seamless cross-border data transmission
  • Multiple speeds choices and flexible bandwidth capacities to meet business’s unique needs
  • Low latency suitable for real-time data transfer demand
  • Fixed leased line (point-to-point) without latency fluctuation
  • The dedicated private circuit that can only be accessed by the lessee’s users
  • Single point of contact for support, management, and issue resolution
  • Dependable & secure connection free from public Internet privacy risks

IPLC benefits

With its quick, dependable, and secure connection between worldwide locations, International private leased circuits can offer several benefits for businesses.

Some of the ways that IPLC can help your company:

  • Scalability: Quickly scale operations by connecting worldwide offices, data centres, and cloud providers with just a single connection.
  • Privacy and security: IPLC offers a private and secure connection that is not accessible over the public internet, making it less susceptible to hacker attacks and data breaches. Organizations may reliably keep business-critical data flowing between numerous connection points without worrying about interruption or data loss.
  • Global coverage: Most IPLCs usually have global coverage with a presence in important hubs across the world, ensuring that your interests are upheld across national boundaries.
  • Support all data types: IPLC can transmit all types of data. IPLC is a dedicated, point-to-point connection that allows businesses to use data-intensive applications and employ any form of communication (data, voice, and video).
  • Single contact point: IPLC solution is used to connect various offices in various countries, but organizations only need to contact one service provider to obtain support for any issues.
  • Cost-effective: Companies can lease many private leased circuits from a single service provider, which is substantially less expensive than leasing each circuit from different providers. By using one service provider to connect international locations, companies can be free of multiple contracts, as well as cut down equipment and maintenance costs.
  • Flexibility: IPLC provides a wide range of bandwidth and speed options, which offers scalability and flexibility, so businesses can adjust bandwidth and speed usage to meet future needs.
  • Reliability: High-quality and SLA-guaranteed point-to-point leased line service for the business’s exclusive use ensures stable speed without delay. Thus, making IPLC perfect for real-time communications and mission-critical applications, especially for financial institutions and technology-based companies.

IPLC Alternatives

Besides IPLC, there are some other popular alternative services used by companies for global networks:


International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL) is a secure layer 2 point-to-point Ethernet circuit connectivity solution available on a global scale. IEPL shares many features similar to IPLC but with higher deployment costs. IEPL is suitable for enterprises that need dedicated connections between various geographic locations to safely share sensitive data.


What is MPLS? Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is a mesh-type network that offers point-to-point connections between multiple points. MPLS offers a Class of service (CoS) to make sure that priority applications like VoIP are not impacted by other lower-priority apps. MPLS is a great option for traffic engineering because it also supports dynamic routing.

IPTP Networks connectivity solutions

IPTP Networks’ private backbone, with over 228 points of presence (POPs) situated in all of the major destinations of choice, is the perfect answer for your international business and WAN network.

From IPLC to MPLS, find out more about the scalable, secure, and reliable IPTP Networks connectivity solutions for your global operations.

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