Capacity Latam 2021

Capacity Latam 2021
27 April, 2021 - 29 April, 2021

IPTP Networks would like to announce its attendance to Capacity Latam 2021, which is the most senior and largest annual event driving future connectivity across the Latin American region, returning this time as an on-line event.

This event defines Latin America’s connectivity strategy for the year ahead. The conference provides a strategic summary of market developments, ideal for regional and global businesses offering meetings of substance, C-level dialogue and access to operations, procurement and sales managers.

As an interesting fact: did you know that there are more multilateral and bilateral deals done over three days at Capacity Latam for data, cloud, content, mobile, and voice services than anywhere else in Latin America? The virtual conference gives a top down picture of the latest fibre projects – terrestrial and subsea – and how telecom carriers are transforming their businesses to meet digital connectivity needs nowadays.

Having a virtual Capacity Latam allows to save time and money, have a lower barrier to attendance, leave a smaller environmental footprint, the participants are able to schedule meetings to their own preference so that they can integrate the event with their workday with smart time zone management; helping to open many doors to successful business deals.

Some features of the platform are: meetings, dedicated networking sessions, virtual dedicated booths, intelligent matchmaking, contact search, virtual business card exchange, online messaging, one-to-one video calls and interactive roundtables. Capacity Latam 2021 represents your chance to connect and network with industry leaders from the comfort of your office, anywhere in the world!

Let’s build something marvellous together! We hope you join us at Capacity Latam 2021; IPTP Networks team looks forward to seeing you there!

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, please send your request using the form below, or feel free to drop a message at and we will be more than happy to support your request.

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