Enhance Your Network Performance with IPTP’s Private Network Connectivity: Global Data Centers & Dedicated Hosting

Global Data Center Excellence: IPTP’s Dedicated Servers with MPLS and IX Connectivity, Enhanced by Looking Glass and Best Path Monitoring

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IPTP Networks
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We are a leading Managed Service Providers, System Integrator, Tier-1 single-homed network, Internet Service Provider and Software Development global corporate group

IP Transit

Highly resilient broadband full BGP Internet table for ISPs, ASPs, CPs, telecoms and data center operators and corporates

Internet Connectivity

Managed Connectivity Services provide global network connectivity that helps you to communicate with your organizations and customers over a secure and reliable infrastructure

Data Center

Use our Data Center Services to keep your assets safe and improve the efficiency of your systems & applications

Dedicated Hosting

Secured and redundant dedicated environment in certified data centers. Remote management and friendly 24×7 support

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Dedicated hosting
Why We

At IPTP Networks, we successfully deliver our services matching customers’ expectations and needs based on core values

Points of Presence
Datacenters for Hosting/Colo
Ports with peering partners

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IPTP Networks by the numbers

Terrestrial and submarine cable systems
Clients and partners
Leading experts across the globe
Internet exchanges

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Trusted by
5g Innovations
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Red Hat
Schneider Electric

Global Network and Points of Presence

The fastest content delivery is guaranteed by the best possible routes available via our low latency channels and diversified network connectivity. Each dedicated server is connected to our privately owned backbone with access to 228 points of presence around the world.

Global Network

What Our Clients Say

“Our cloud services including the GWS hybrid cloud and GWStack appliance built on VMware technology-based cloud platform can be connected not only to eASPNet platform, but also a number of international cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba Cloud etc. This is possible because of our brilliant partnership with IPTP Networks as global high-speed network connections provider for multi-cloud, cross-cloud premium cloud services.”
Jackson Wu,
eASPNet, President
“The network infrastructure of IPTP Networks spans key data centre locations in every continent. This key strength, together with their innovative and flexible approach, makes them a perfect party to resell the AMS-IX service remotely.”
Mark Cooper,
CMC Telecom
“We are delighted to partner with IPTP as it offers a wide-range of global cable assets and low-latency connectivity to major global and regional hubs. This reliable collaboration has enabled us to leverage each other’s strong network footprint and serve our respective customers with outstanding experiences.”
Mr. Dang Tung Son
CMO/DCEO of CMC Telecom
“As a voice and messaging platform software company, with a big ambition to become a leader in CPaaS solutions for Communication Service providers, our infrastructure partner has to understand and be able to support real time communications platforms very, very well”
Andreas Hipp,
CEO of Cataleya
Notesco Financial Services Ltd
“Deployment with IPTP significantly increased our enterprise’s productivity and responsiveness, establishing a whole new level of confidence throughout our working environment.”
Markos A. Kashiouris,
Chairman & CEO Notesco Financial Services Ltd
“Over the time that CardPay has been working with IPTP, we have enjoyed stable and secure servers and hosting facilities, which enabled us to grow and achieve greater success, thanks to their flexible and robust business solutions.”
Paul Dalziel,
Business Relationship Manager at CardPay Inc
KPM Consulting
“Thanks to IPTP Networks, we unify all of our communications on a single IP-based platform. Since that our company significantly reduces communications costs while at the same time boost employees’ productivity.”
Chryso Panayi,
KPM Consulting, Cyprus
5G Innovations
“IPTP is a key partner who helped to make our Otemachi Data Center, where many Japanese IXs/ ISPs gather, to a hub with true global connectivity.”
Yosuke Hiyama,
Member of the Board & Operating Officer
“IPTP has been a reliable infrastructure partner for our global video CDN. Because we provide low-latency live streaming services to major brands, we often need to scale up to manage the influx of new viewers – and we can always count on IPTP for additional capacity.”
Vlad Ruban,
Tech Client Services Manager, Advection.NET
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Công cụ bổ trợ của IPTP Networks được cải tiến thường xuyên bởi đội ngũ kỹ thuật viên chuyên nghiệp để cung cấp thông số chính xác cho Quý đối tác và khách hàng

Máy tính IP
Một công cụ lấy địa chỉ IP và mặt nạ mạng rồi tính toán kết quả phát sóng, mạng, mặt nạ ký tự đại diện và phạm vi máy chủ
Đường dẫn tốt nhất
Công cụ này sẽ hiển thị cho bạn độ trễ và đường dẫn định tuyến tốt nhất giữa các điểm hiện diện của chúng tôi
Máy tính thời gian hoạt động
Cung cấp một cách dễ dàng để tính toán mức cho phép thời gian ngừng hoạt động trên tỷ lệ phần trăm thời gian hoạt động được cung cấp
So sánh IXP
Tạo so sánh đồ họa chi tiết giữa hai Sàn giao dịch Internet
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