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IPTP Networks 在San Isidro的數據中心位於南美洲西南部秘魯利馬,是該地區領先的優質運營商中立數據中心。 San Isidro的數據中心利用各種網絡解決方案與我們的高可用性全球骨幹網聯系。


  • 全天候監控和維護
  • 在同一地點運營的辦公室
  • 自建運營辦公解決方案系統
  • 具有高級 DMMS的低延遲全球骨幹網


  • 由思科及施耐德電氣提供最先進的設備
  • 思科認證的工程和技術團隊
  • 為數據中心及網絡提供高達99.9999%的SLA服務合約


  • 迅速協助建立無縫集成
  • 專用遠程操作
  • 深入的維護服務


  • N+1 冗餘
  • 運行中的 42U 機櫃
  • 通過GENSET提供完全的保護
  • 直接暗光纖連接到秘魯主要的CenturyLink數據中心
  • 符合針對所有系統的 ISO 27001、PCI DSS、ISO 9001、TIA-942、Tier III+ 行業標準。

Jumbo IX

  • Hybrid L2/L3 network topology with jumbo frame reach global public Internet Exchange.
  • Up to 9000 byte MTU of data flow.
  • Developed & Operated by IPTP Networks.
  • Reduction in CPU cycles and bandwidth in data transmission.
  • Enhancement network performance as a whole.

IPTP Networks tailor deployments serving multi-purposes of applications:

For network service providers

  • Direct connect to 74 hosting/co-location facilities.
  • Direct to 232 points of presence worldwide.
  • Five interconnected points in Lima for holistic IT architecture.
  • Enjoy full 35++Tbps total network capacity.

For enterprises
For enterprises

  • Direct to variety cloud services in partnership with IPTP Networks with high performance connectivity.
  • Enjoy wide range of Datacenter solutions covering globally.
  • Prompt consultancy for System Integrator purpose.

For cloud and IT services providers
For cloud and IT services providers

  • Ability to interconnect directly to companies colocated with IPTP Networks globally at 74 hosting/co-location facilities.
  • Ability to reach Lima’s market via Inter Metro Connect.
  • Availability to reach global 232 Datacenters through Low Latency/ULL MPLS.

For cloud and IT services providers
For financial services

  • Low latency connectivity to global IXes and core financial hubs.
  • Fastest access to the whole America continent.
  • Full assistance on Remote Hands and Business Solutions.