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Colocation you can trust

IPTP Networks has more than 20 years of experience safeguarding your mission-critical data. Our Colocation Services allow you to access and host your servers remotely and ensure a high level, professionally maintained, secure installation. We connect you to a variety of telecommunication and network service providers and deliver outstanding levels of security – with minimal cost and effort on your part.

Colocation packages by IPTP Networks provide an opportunity for you to set up your own equipment worldwide in a specially-equipped datacenter and connect it to high-speed Internet.

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IPTP Networks Points of Presence

As a service provider, IPTP Networks is oriented on delivering of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to help your business grow stronger. Our points of presence are equipped with edge servers which are intended to provide better and faster performances

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IPTP networks data center colocation services proved to be effective for organizations across a wide range of industries

Media, Financial corporations, Banking and Forex companies.

Automated trading platforms, streaming media and other critical, high-bandwidth applications requiring ultra-high levels of security and availability.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified locations and points of presence, dedicated to companies involved in handling and storing cardholder information for all major debit/credit card companies.

Mission-critical sites requiring custom server management.

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Benefits of Colocation Solutions

physical security


availability at most desired pops

low latency connectivity


exclusive bandwidth rates

Key Features

Rock-solid, guaranteed Internet bandwidth of either 1G, 10G, 100G ports with SLA up to 99.9999% for N+2 redundant solution

Remote power management port via APC PDU

24/7 Live technical support with zero wait time

Customer Portal allowing access to real-time performance reports and billing functions

Exceptional worldwide connectivity via IPTP Networks backbone

Professionally customizable, upgradeable and configurable to your specific business model

Industry-leading security

Redundant power supply via privately-owned generators

Optional for Colocation:

Seamless connectivity is provided via low-latency International Private Line Circuits or EoMPLS to any location in the world

Custom designed Virtual Private Network solutions

Assistance and management of virtualization solutions RHEV/VMWare/Xen/Hyper-V/OpenStack

Enabling CDN and Cloud networks

Wide range of storage solutions from EMC

The Same IP address in different locations for state-of-the-art global resource distribution

Full management and administration of equipment eliminating the need for an in-house IT department

Same Day Equipment Setup

High-density racks