Peering Asia 4.0

Peering Asia 4.0

IPTP Networks’ team is ready to go and visit Thailand again, to contribute and continue promoting peering and interconnection in the Asia Pacific region…

2 November, 2022 - 3 November, 2022
Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld
Bangkok, Thailand

How so? Well…. by attending Peering Asia 4.0

Peering Asia 4.0 is the event organized by BBIX Thailand and Thailand IX (National Telecom) and supported by Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association (APIX).

This time, Peering Asia 4.0 will be happening on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 November in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld.

At this event, you will find the ideal scenario for network service providers, content providers, Internet Exchange providers, data centers to enjoy peering meetings, conference talks/panels, exhibition, private meetings.

So, if you are a peering or interconnection manager, an Internet Exchange operator or a data center engineer, we hope to see you there and talk about peering in the Asia Pacific region.

If you are attending, do let us know!!

We’d be pleased to see you there.

Contact us for a meeting arrangement at

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